Work in progress 8:53

You seen her sorry face
She wears with such grace
Pale lips and china eyes
Dry tears she seems to cry
Silver bracelets, golden hair
She doesn't seem to care

See her waiting by the trains
Waiting for someone, in vain
Surely not going anywhere
She's not waiting, she just stares
Of a time when she was young
She knows nothing, all is gone

I'm sure I've met her before
Leaving her by train during the war
Promising to write her now and then
And to meet again

I asked her for her name
She wouldn't tell me, all the same
Then I asked her for the time
She said "It's seven of nine"
A train rolls by, I turn away
Maybe we'll meet again someday

© Tale 2003, 2004. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.