Work in progress Chasin' the Moon

Sally, she worked in a bar
Serving bootlegged whiskey and cheap sigars
Sometimes she dreamt of Warren Beatty, staring up at the stars
And she could almost hear the sound of screaming tires and getaway cars
She's counting her scars
Staring up at the stars

William was a young man without trade
So he did whatever it took to earn his pay
Sometimes he dreamt of Jesse James, sittin' in the shade
And he could almost hear the gunshots, and wasn't he born too late
He can hardly wait
Be it Ford or fate

Sally had been working all night long
And that night somehow something felt very wrong
She looked around into the crowd, in which she knew she didn't belong
This was her last night, one way or the other, she had known it all along
Heard it in a song
Earlier on

William hadn't had a job in days
His empty eyes staring into space
Suddenly a flash and it was lightning, and you knew something had changed
He was no longer Po' Boy Willie, you could see it in his crazed-out gaze
A regular ace
Jesse James

The music stopped when William entered the room
"Y'all empty up your pockets, and make that soon"
And then he looked at Suicide Sally, he could smell her sweet perfume
And he asked her to come with him, she was still wearing her waitress costume
In a hot-air balloon
Chasin' the moon
In their getaway car
Goin' after the stars

© Tale 2003. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.