Cross the Green Mountain


C       G/b     Am7     G

Am7     G/b     C       Dsus4 - D

Am7                        G/b
   I crossed the Green Mountain
C                    D
   I set by the stream
Am7               G/b
   Heaven blazin' in my head
  C                      D
I dreamt a monstrous dream

C               G/b
      Somethin' came up
Am7            D
   Outta the sea
Em                      C
      Swept through the land
       D            Em      C       G       D
Of the rich and the free

Am7                G/b
   I look into the eyes
C                 D
   Of my merciful friend
Am7                 G/b
   And then I ask myself
C               D
   "Is this the end?"

C                G/b
      Memories linger
Am7        Dsus4 - D
   Sad yet sweet
      Em           C
And I think of the souls
   D                Em      C       G       Dsus4 - D
In heaven who we'll meet

C               G/b
      Altars of green
Am7                   G
   The flames fallin' wide
C              G/b
   The foe has crossed over
Am7                  Dsus4 - D
   From the other side

C                    G/b
      They tip their caps
Am7                    G
   From the top of the hill
Am7                  G/b
   You can feel them come
     C              Dsus4 - D       D
More brave blood to spill

Am7             G/b
      Along the dim
C              D
   Atlantic line
Am7            G/b
   The ravaged land
C              D
Lies for miles behind

C                     G/b
   The light's comin' forward
Am7                    D
   And the streets are broad
Em          C
   All must yield
D               Em      C       G - C - G
To the avenging God

Performed and written by Bob Dylan.