English Civil War

When Johnny comes marching home again, hurah tada
He's coming by bus or underground, hurah tada
The world no doubt will shed a tear
To see his face so beaten in fear
And it's just around the corner
In the English civil war

Still at the stage of clubs and fists, hurah tada
When that well known face got beaten to bits, hurah tada
Your face was blue in the light of the screen
As we watched the speech of an animal scream
The new party army was marching
Right over our heads

There you are, ha ha, I told you so, hurah tada
Says everybody that we know, hurah tada
But who hid the radio under the stairs
And who got caught out on their unawares
When that new party army
Came marching right up the stairs

When Johnny comes marching home again, hurah tada
Nobody understands this can happen again, hurah tada
The sun is shining and the kids are shouting loud
But you've got to know it's shining through a crack in the cloud
And the shadows keep on falling
When Johnny comes marching home

All the girls go oh
Get his coffin ready
'Cause Johnny's coming home

Performed by The Levellers.