Fabiola and the Sad Faced Clown

't Was at the party of Lazarus
Casanova came up to me
To discuss the beauty of Fabiola dressed in white
I saw her standing with the sad faced clown
Music, Beethoven's hearing-aid found
She told them a joke, ending it with a smile
Lazarus frowned, he didn't understand
She lost grip, I offered my hand
Casanova fetched us a drink
Meanwhile a warm summer's breeze blew through the room

Lazarus went out to get some air
Beethoven now lost speech
In despair he hit Casanova who willingly got hurt
Lazarus came back in, looking fine
Fabiola took a nip of her wine
Very carefully spilling some on my shirt
Smoke was coming from the fire in the garden

When the doorbell rang around midnight
In came this man called Mr. Hide
Who was Lazarus' best friend ever after
He and Fabiola went outside
Where Beethoven had suddenly died of fright
For he had heard Hide's evil laughter
I stared out the window, only darkness
But then I saw Fabiola's white dress
Stained with blood, taken by the winds
That were laughing at Casanova and his shoes

He jumped up and went out through the window
Leaving no trace, not even his shadow
About that time Lazarus went asleep
He grasped for the dress, but felt a hand
Hide screaming "The promised land!"
But she held on and came back from the deep
When Hide sank further into the ground
Fabiola's tears drawn on the face of the clown
But she drew him a smile he would forever keep
Her tears dried in the first light of dawn

He took Fabiola back inside
The party was over, Casanova had died
And Lazarus was seeing out all the guests
Beethoven played some old love song
I kissed Fabiola goodbye, "So long"
Then she left, still wearing her muddy but white dress
I greeted Beethoven and I went home

© Tale 1995, 2001. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.