Farewell to Carlingford

When I was young and in my prime
And could wander wild and free
There was always a longing in my mind
To follow the call of the sea

Chorus So I'll sing farewell to Carlingford and farewell to Greenore
And I'll think of you both day and night
Till I return once more, till I return once more

On all of the stormy seven seas
I have sailed before the mast
And on every voyage I ever made
I swore it would be my last


Now, I had a girl called Mary Doyle
And she lived in Greenore
And the foremost thought that was in her mind
Was to keep me safe onshore


Now, the landsman's life is all his own
He can go or he can stay
But when the sea gets in your blood
When she calls you must obey


Performed by The Dubliners. Written by Tommy Makem.