Going to Sunny California

I've sacrificed my watch to birds
But I didn't really notice and I couldn't help
Now time flies, but I kept up 'though I walked
Soon I'll be miles behind can't you tell?
Great age, the road that leads into the ravine

I'm going 'way to sunny California
I'm having my head freezed
And I hope when ev'ry tear is wiped from my face
There'll be a final medicine for my disease
Great age, the disease of time

Great age, king and fair haired conquerer
Great age, bloody sword of fire
Great age, black Lady of Fortune
Great age, evil, pale faced prior
The dead that are dressed up in white
They're watching stars fall in the night like sparrows
Dragging my soul away from my heart

I'm going back to sunny California
Like sparrows flying 'neath the blood red moon
There's some heavy weather, but it's clearing at the horizon
I'd leave today, any minute, or just soon
Old age, but great it was at times

© Tale 1994, 2000. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.