My Ballerina

I walk into the room of a child at night
There're pieces of flowers and leaves in between my hair
I meet a rag doll that's a-singing songs known from a funeral in my childhood
In the darkness I arise up to the attic
And in between the dust I see her
My ballerina

I rush into the garden, there's leaves scattered 'round, autumn
Ghosts of stone and marble resting at my feet
I meet a mindless corps, who died by violence, with the doctor inside its head
In the evening I begin to dig, the body's missing
But underneath the earth she's hiding
My ballerina

I walk into the ruins of a gone society
There's friends and stuffed aquaintances whispering in my ear
I meet a scavenger who's gulping down memory, the night will soon be gone
In the faint glow of sunrise, I see a slaughtered army
No longer marching, but dancing
Just like my ballerina

© Tale 1996, 2001. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.