Sally Wheatley

Now, I'm most depressed and sad, where I once was blithe and glad
I could trip about the town both trim and neatly
I was happy night and morn, but from all such joys I'm shorn
Since I fell so deep in love with Sally Wheatley

Chorus And it's oh, dear me, what am I(re) gonna de
Sally's stole away me heart completely
And I'll never get it back, for she gans with Mr. Black
And they say he's gan to marry Sally Wheatley

Now, I never saw such a lass and I know she likes her glass
She can toss a pot of whiskey over neatly
Now, it's right to take a drop, when you know just when to stop
That was just the very way with Sally Wheatley


How I felt I didn't knaw, the first time I Sally saw
In a threesome reel she hopped about so neatly
Well, I might've had a chance, if I'd ask her up to dance
But I was over shy to speak to Sally Wheatley


Now, he must've made it right, when he took her home that night
'Cause after work dressed up he goes to see her nightly
There's great danger in delay, but I wouldn't be sad today
If I had my heart to break for Sally Wheatley


Traditional. Performed by The Dubliners.