Sodom, Japan

Way high up in the heavens
They're riding their silver dragons
Two angels on their way
To meet their fate across the bay
With the night nearly gone
On their way to meet the sun
To whisper a warning
At the dawning of the day

The worrier, he is bleeding
Fully armed and ever still speeding
To reach the border of time
To commit the worst ever of crimes
But his God is right there beside him
Despair and disbelieve will show
That which fate already knows
All in the name of triumph

Hear the screams and the calls
From within the city walls
See fear on faces gone blind
Feel the heat of melting minds
Women, children and men
None is spared, all shall end
All but Fate, she flies above the city
She madly cries "Don't look behind!"

Now the mushrooms have been seeded
And war has finally succeeded
Sodom and Gomorra burn
But then, fate can suddenly turn
The sickening taste of salt
As her limps call her to a halt
And like in a dream
There's no sound when she tries to scream

© Tale 1997, 2002. Performed by by Tale. Written by Theo Niessink.