Spanish Is the Loving Tongue

Spanish is the loving tongue
Soft as music, light as spray
't Was a girl I learned it from
Living down Sonora way
Now, I dont look much like a lover
Still I say her love words over
Mostly when I'm all alone
"Mi amor, mi corazon"

Moonlight on the patio
Old señora not too near
Me and Juana talking low
So the madre couldn't hear
Oh, how these hours would go a-flying
How too soon I'd hear her sighing
In her sweet and sorry tone
"Mi amor, mi corazon"

Haven't seen her since that night
I can't cross the line, you know
Wanted for a gambling fight
Like as not, it's better so
Still I've always kind of missed her
Since that last sad day I kissed her
Broke her heart, lost my own
Adios, mi corazon

Performed by Bob Dylan & The Band. Written by Charles Badger Clark, Jr.