Work in progress Thief on the Cross

I am an outlaw, I robbed a bank in Jericho
I ran like hell, but then they caught me; I guess I ran too slow
Helmed soldiers mocked me, while the prophet he was sweeping up the crowd
Someone kissed me on the cheek, and then I realized there's no way out
I saw a widow weepin' from the corner of my eyes
When the hanging judge he grinned, he said "Boy, you gonna die"
And when they threw me in the jail, the day was almost done
A rider on a pale horse whispered "Where d'you think you're goin'"

One day I came home after having been away for almost nine moons in a row
Just to find my wife married to 'nother man, well, I guess I should've known
"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged" said the bartender, while refilling my glass
Then I lost all the gold I ever had in a poker game, bad luck I guess
I went into the bank, the bottle still in my hand
Thinking of my wife in the arms of my best friend
And there he was, he was the cashier, that false prodigal son
I emptied the bottle in one draught, then I went for my gun

Tryin' to fight my way outa there I shot the sheriff, but the deputy he just grinned
"You know, there's thirty pieces of silver on your head, boy", and then he brought me in
"Hang 'em high!" I heard the lynch mob cry, and they will hang me, the Italian and the Jew
Yeah, we'll just keep hangin' in there, in the sunset, admiring the view!
While the deputy walks into the bank to collect his checks
A black crow sitting on the fence between this life and the next
A newborn baby crying in the night beneath the stars
And moonbeams on the tombstone of my friend out in the yard

© Tale 2003. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.