Twelve Black Swans

Twelve black swans heading for the coast
Carrying my love, a ghost who was buried in the graveyard of sailors
On a ship we were married, ironic'ly
Failure was the name of the ship, I saw when we set sail

We sailed for forty nights and forty days
Searching for my love, her face, it faded away with the water
On the deck I sunbathed when, deceivingly
The daughter of the captain seduced me in my sleep

We stranded on a paradise island, it killed most the crew
I would only survive I knew, if I tasted of the fruit brought by local nymphs
Time I quickly wasted, but desp'rately
Hymns I used to sing every night in my dreams

A dozen years passed when to me returned thirteen swans
One asked me to dance, she seemed acquaint, she cut me with a razor
Then once more it started to rain, when suddenly
I managed to amaze her perhaps even more than myself
When I remembered her name

© Tale 1995, 2001. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.