Twin Sisters

't Was early that fall that my window had broken
My marriage, a cut down tree lying lifelessly
On the ground where happiness and love were buried
All eyes had looked, all voices had spoken
I cut myself when I first heard their whispering sounds
Things would get worse when time, it progressed
The sun was standing low when the twins entered town
Out of nowhere they came, walking along Main Street
I bent over and found a missing piece of glass

't Was late one evening when I spied the moon through the clouds
The twins in the garden, naked in the moonlight, making love
I let the sand in the garden slip through my fingers
When they saw they were mute, I screamed out aloud
I fainted, I lay down, I ran, I grew wings, I took off
I flew with the twins when I suddenly fell down
When I awoke the next morn, I thought that I'd dreamt
But I felt the whole town looking through my mirror
Then I saw the twins dancing, they were expecting

't Was early that evening when the twins led all to the feast
All sat on ashen, all ate from silver, all drank from gold
But my wine, it was blood, my veal, it was babies
When all was ready, all was done, the many, the least
All followed the twins, their sense, it been stolen
But I heard the cry of a new born girl called Lilith

The next morn the twins had vanished
All were dead, blood was everywhere
The wine had been drunk, the sun was hiding
Inside the thick fog sounds were dimming
Lily was humming a sweet lullaby
She was holding my hand while chewing on my ring finger

© Tale 1995, 2001. Performed by Tale/Theo Niessink. Written by Theo Niessink.