Wrap the Green Flag 'round Me, Boys

Oh, wrap the green flag 'round me, boys
To die were far more sweet
With Erin's noble emblem, boys
To be my winding sheet
In life I loved to see it wave
And follow where it led
But now my eyes grow dim, my hand
Would grasp its last bright shred

And I had hoped to meet you, boys
On many a well-fought field
When to our sacred banner, boys
The traitorous foe would yield
But now, alas, I am denied
My dearest earthly prayer
You'll follow and you'll meet the foe
But l shall not be there

But though my body moulders, boys
My spirit will be free
And every comrade's honour, boys
Will yet be dear to me
And in the thick and bloody fight
Let not your courage lag
For I'll be there and hovering near
Around the dear old flag