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A warm homecoming

May 6, 2009 - Today when I came home I quickly gave the boys half a cookie each, like I do every day. Then I made us dinner (all five of us had cooked rice and green beans, only I had chicken with it), after which I had to leave again to babysit my nephew. This meant I had to postpone their daily routine of following my every move from the couch, climbing on me and from my leg unto the chair, and then "harassing" me up close and personal.

When I did return home a few hours later, the boys gave me a very warm, typical ratty homecoming indeed. Kilkenny even gave me a face wash, and Kraken did not even bite my lip. Even Uisce & Ulixes seem to bicker less than usual. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it sure feels good to come home to a pack of rats. :-)

All four on the the couch (and begging for my attention)

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