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SOK shopping


June 7, 2009 - A while ago SOK, that's short for Stichting Opvangratten & Knuffeltherapie*, started a non-commercial ratty webshop selling food, toys, hammocks and secondhand cages. Some of the boys' favourite hammocks were really coming apart, so from my point of view the SOK shop couldn't have started at a better time. Of course I couldn't help myself, so I ended up ordering maybe a tiny bit more than strictly needed. But it's money well-spent, because not only is it all high-quality stuff, the earnings from the webshop are used to financially support the shelter.

Anyway, here's what was in my virtual shopping cart when I finally got to the checkout:

  • 1 radiator hammock + frame
  • 1 extra radiator hammock
  • 2 large wooden logs
  • 2 small wooden logs
  • 1 square hammock
  • 2 cuddle bags
  • 1 sleeping bag hammock
  • 1 tunnel hammock
  • 1 set of 4 hanging chains
  • 1 large double triangular hammock

I've received everything last week, so after cleaning the cage during the weekend I redecorated it using the new stuff. The rats especially liked the hanging large wooden logs, because it took them less than a day to completely remove the outer layer. I put one of the cuddle bags on the cage floor, which wasn't a success (they wouldn't climb in, and it ended up being dumped in a corner), so I think I'll turn it into a hanging bag next week. Perhaps then they will get the hang of it. ;-)

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* In English: Shelter Rats & Cuddle Therapy Foundation

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