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Attack of the speech bubbles!
(Source: Greenpeace)

Avoid ExxonMobil/Esso. Exxon has secured court injunctions in several countries to keep Greenpeace away from Exxon property. We're actually really happy to do so, and we are asking you to do likewise: please, everyone, stay away from ExxonMobil and Esso properties! Send a message now promising Exxon that you'll stay away. Tell the Exxon you won't buy their products, won't go near their pumps, and won't contribute to the war chest that they are using to silence critics and to battle the truth about global warming.

Esso/ExxonMobil is doing more than any oil company to block international action on global warming. While the rest of the world tries to stop global warming, Exxon spends millions of dollars sabotaging US participation in the Kyoto Protocol, the international agreement to reduce climate-changing gases. We need to stop Exxon to stop global warming. 01 Nov 2004

Artist of the week at music75

I am the "artist of the week" at the music75 website. Not only does music75 feature my song "The Day We Set Sail (To Go and Hunt the Whale)" prominently on its main webpage, but the website also has a short interview with me online.

Music75 is an interesting and different concept, which allows musicians like me to work together using the internet. Members of music75 can promote, share and sell their music online. The website was created by musicians, and its vocation is to help artists to promote their talent all over the world. 27 Sep 2004

Full-length CDs at

At the website of the TV station CMT (Country Music Television) you will not only find lots of information about (country) artists and bands, but they also freely offer streams to full-length CDs. You will find these under the section "Listening Parties" in the "Music" menu of the website, but you can also use the complete list of Listening Parties at this website.

Steve Earle's Revolution

One of the CDs currently available is The Revolution Starts...Now by Americana veteran Steve Earle. With songs like "F the CC" :-), this album is an outcry for change is Earle's homeland, the USA. The album was almost entirely written and recorded within a matter of days, because, as Earle puts is, "[he] decided [he] really wanted those songs out before the [presidential] election". It's probably because of this self-imposed deadline, that the one sensitive, personal gem of a song as found on any of the previous albums seems to be missing on The Revolution. Nevertheless it's a good album; certainly worth listening, and probably worth buying. 04 Sep 2004

Free downloads and a guestbook

Starting today my newly reworked website is online. It now features free downloads of not only a couple of songs, but of entire CDs. The philosophy behind this is that I want to be heard, and freely sharing music through the internet is a perfect way to accomplish this. You can also still listen to songs in both hi-fi (broad band) and lo-fi (dial-up) quality, and view their lyrics. You will find all of this in the Music section of this website.

Also new is the guestbook, in which you can leave a message for all of us. So not only are we sharing music, we are also sharing thoughts! 02 May 2004

CNET Music opens

The CNET Music website, the "official" replacement for the late website, is opening its doors to the public. This means a new artist page and so far one song is now available through

Other websites that now also feature my music are and Music75. For more websites featuring me and my music, please visit the Links section of this website. 24 Apr 2004

Scott Thomas Lowe & Atascadero naked

Atascadero is a band from California (USA), which originally hit the stage in the late 1970s. It was named after a maximum security prison hospital for the criminally insane. 19 songs which were all recorded between 1979 and 1982 are now available on their self-published CD called Naked.

The CD starts out with the wonderfully dreamy sounding "Sweetness and Light", but then quickly the song transforms into "Roadhouse Ruby", a pop/funk song with almost blunt lyrics ("Roadhouse Ruby, won't you pull you panties down!"). Indeed the whole CD is a mixture of more serious songs like "The Main Train", "Thirty Pieces of Silver" and "The Ruins of Babylon" (which seems very contemporary in these times of world-wide terrorism), and more loose, expirimental pop/funk songs like "Fat Emmy" (perhaps related to Mrs. Henry?), "You Eat!" and "It's Big!". The bigger part of the songs are sung by frontman Scott Thomas Lowe, but the other band members also help out from time to time, which works really well throughout the CD.

On the website of Scott Thomas Lowe & Atascadero you can listen to audio samples of a number of songs. And if you like what you hear, then do buy the CD; you won't be disappointed! 18 Mar 2004

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