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The American Tradition #2

Edition #2 of my web radio station The American Tradition is online now, and again it features a powerful 32 song play list. This time the highlights are "Ramblin Train" by Phil Frazier, "A Losin Soul" by Doug Adkins & One More Ride, and many more come to think of it. Enjoy! 27 Dec 2002

Horrible holidays from Holland ;-)

I'd like to wish everybody horrible happy holidays, and I hope 2003 will be a great year. For you, for your family, for Jack Fate and for world peace. 20 Dec 2002

Song of the month: "Hanging Terror"

This songs expresses the feeling of being hanged on the gallows, or being burnt at the steak. With its pumping electric guitar playing, wailing harmonica and haunting harmonies this song really rocks!
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01 Dec 2002

Song of the month: "Twelve Black Swans"

A song with its roots in the fairy tale "The Twelve Wild Swans". Like most fairy tales it ends well, in this case with a very nice harmonica solo.
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05 Nov 2002

Review on Alt Country NL

My CD Sweet Lady of Flowers was reviewed on the great Dutch website Alt Country NL, where it was given three horses, which translates to reasonable/good. If you're into Americana and roots rock and you can read Dutch (or you like to just look at the pictures), you're bound to enjoy this website. Oh and once you're there, don't forget to read the review of my CD! 04 Nov 2002

Shoot for the moon

"The Day We Set Sail" is featured on the fabulous radio station Shoot for the moon, where it was given the following review:

"Make NO mistake this IS the Dutch Bob Dylan. The song chosen for inclusion on Shoot for the moon is the EXCELLENT 'The Day We Set Sail' Take a large slice of Bob Dylan add a dash of The Pogues and this is the result. A VERY original style that is thoroughly engaging. A great selection of 'organic' instruments grace this song, played to perfection, each one pops up here and there to pleasantly surprise you. This IS a real breath of fresh air....I absolutely love it....nice one !!! Somebody pass me my pint of Guinness...and God bless you !!"

If you have a moment, you should definitely check out Shoot for the moon, because there are a lot of other artists on the play list that are also worthwhile. 12 Oct 2002

Song of the month: "Judith"

This song was inspired on the Biblical story from the Book of Judith. It was written from the perspective of Holofernes, an Assyrian general who's head is cut off by the beautiful Jewish widow Judith.
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11 Oct 2002

The American Tradition radio

If you're in for a subtle mix of folk, rock, country and Americana, then you should certainly tune in to The American Tradition at This web radio station features a constantly changing playlist of 32 of the finest songs available through 10 Sep 2002

Debut Sweet Lady of Flowers out now

I've just released my debut CD called Sweet Lady of Flowers, which is available through my website. It features 12 tracks that were all recorded and mixed in my "living room studio". All songs were written by me, with the exception of "Sam Hall", which is a traditional. More information as well as audio samples can also be found at my website. 12 Aug 2002

Look up lyrics in my digital songbook

If you are looking for (folk) lyrics, you should check out my digital songbook. You can browse through an alphabetical list of all titles, or you can search the lyrics for a certain word or phrase. 28 Jul 2002

Metamorphose and face-lift

This website has just gone through a metamorphose with everything looking quite different now, although most functional parts are still in place. My website has also been face-lifted. 23 Jul 2002

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