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Sweet Lady of Flowers rereleased

Tale's debut CD Sweet Lady of Flowers has been rereleased through the website. The CD was originally released in 2002 through the website. This rerelease features a bonus track called "The Foggy Dew", which is an Irish traditional songs about the Easter rising of 1916. More information, audio samples and free MP3 downloads are available through this website. 01 Jun 2005

Featured song: The Day We Set Sail

"The Day We Set Sail (To Go and Hunt the Whale)" from the CD Sweet Lady of Flowers is a Celtic rock tune about whale hunting. But this time, just like in Melville's Moby Dick, the whale wins. The song features a wide range of instruments, among them electric guitar, mandolin and harmonica. 25 Apr 2005

The Secret World of Celtic Rock

Earlier this month The Secret World of Celtic Rock was released. This compilation CD features 19 songs (among them "The Day We Set Sail" by one Tale/Theo Niessink) :-), that each in their own right mix Celtic traditional sounds with rock music. This results in a very wide range of styles, from new age rock to electric blues and what not, making this CD a wonderful tour through the "secret" world of Celtic rock.

The CD was compiled and published by Marc Gunn, a Celtic folk singer in his own right, but also a web designer, photographer, and music business educator. All of the songs are performed by independent, lesser known but certainly not lesser artists and bands. The CD is available through the CD Baby website, but more information as well as free audio samples are also available through this website. 19 Apr 2005

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