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Running wheel blues

"Keep on runnin' that runnin' wheel
Though I ain't goin' nowhere
But I'll keep on runnin' that runnin' wheel
Till I'm there
Tale/Theo Niessink, Running Wheel BluesAudio


February 11, 2008 - A while back I've bought my boys a running wheel (a blue Super Pet Giant Comfort Wheel, Ø 30 cm), in hopes that especially Pancho would use it to get just a little more exercise. The wheel has been in the cage for more than two months now, and they've run in it exactly null times. From time to time I put one of the boys in the wheel, but they don't seem to feel very comfortable inside it and they usually get out as quickly as possible. I've tried to lure them into the wheel by gluing small treats on the inside, but to no avail; they simply removed the treats from outside the wheel by turning it with their hands.

But tonight when I put Pancho in the wheel again, he actually took a few steps. He didn't actually run, but I rewarded him with a treat nevertheless. Who knows, maybe I can bribe Pancho by rewarding him with a treat each time he takes a few steps in the wheel. In time he might learn to appreciate the wheel without getting treats. (This is important, because as long as I keep giving him treats, the extra exercise will probably be pointless...) So, I hope to be able to show you the first video of Pancho running in the wheel real soon. And then there will be no more running wheel blues, at least not for me. ;-)

Pancho's first steps in the wheel

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