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Nose job

February 14, 2011 - You know what Ulixes got for Valentine today? A bloody nose job! I don't think he is too happy with it though...

Last week I discovered something on Ulixes' nose. By this weekend it had grown considerably, and Sunday it burst and lots of pus came out. I cleaned the wound as best as I could, hoping he'd seen the worst of it. Naturally I took him to the vet today, so she could have a better look. To my horror Ulixes ended up on the operation table! His wound is clean, at least for now, but I have clean it a couple of times a day the next few days to prevent it from forming an abces again.

Ulixes now he has a couple of sticthes in his nose, and a small part that is still open, so I can't say the nose job has really improvemed his looks. Oh well, as long as he returns to his old self ASAP. Meanwhile he has earned a new nickname: The Nose.

Ullie "The Nose" Ulixes

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