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Out cycling

April 10, 2011 - From Wikipedia: Cycling in the Netherlands is a common and popular method of both transport and also recreation. Being a Dutchman myself, not to mention a good citizen, oh and because of the beautiful weather, I decided to to take the youngsters out cycling today. So I strapped the boys' transport basket to my bicycle, added Dino & Elvis, and away we went.

Dino was a bit timide, but Elvis greatly enjoyed this exciting great journey, sniffing up all kinds of new smells along the way. Well, great journey... After a few minutes we'd already reached my sister's place, where we rested, and we enjoyed coffee and grapes. Dino & Elvis also got to meet auntie Rebel, my sister's cat, who showed great interest (the wrong kind) in them, especially in Elvis. To Rebel's disappointment I took both Dino & Elvis with me when I left, leaving her with her rather skinny toy mice. Poor Rebel! After another cycling trip we safely returned home again.

The transport basket on my bicycle

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