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Happy birthday, Elvis

(and happy belated birthday, Dino)

July 18, 2011 - Today Elvis is exactly one year old. And on June 24 Dino turned one, but I didn't really have the time to celebrate his birthday then. So today I sorta celebrated both their birthdays. And what better way (for a rat anyway) to celebrate a birthday than with a birthday dinner. So I cooked them some white beans, which they very much enjoyed. I think Dino is still enjoying them, because I saw him frantically carrying the beans upstairs, hiding them in the toilet.

Meanwhile Kraken is really getting old, so he didn't attend the dinner party. He did what he does almost every evening nowadays: Climb into the ex-transport basket at Couch End, and lie there lazilly inside an old shirt the rest of the evening. I did bring him a couple of white beans there, so I'm sure he enjoyed Elvis' birthday anyway.

Birthday boy Elvis

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