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Happy birthday Q & Quintis

November 11, 2012 - I know it's been a long, long time since I've posted anything here (except for the occasional picture), sorry about that! But in my defense: I have been rather busy moving, mostly (I've moved into an appartment this Summer). Anyhow... Yesterday Quintis & Q celebrated their 1st birthday. :-D I threw a small party on their behalf, and treated them to not one but two hard boiled eggs. And my mother made them a little birthday house, decorated with tea bag wrappers containing bits of walnut.

Meanwhile my older two boys, Dino & Elvis, are getting, well, old (both have turned 2 years this Summer). Dino can hardly climb up the cage anymore, although he somehow still manages. Elvis is a bit better, but then again, he is a couple of weeks younger than Dino. Still, if their health permits it, I wouldn't mind celebrating their 3rd birthday next Summer. OK, perhaps that's not very likely to happen, but you never can tell...

November 11: Q by the birthday house my mother made them

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