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Rattery rittens from Ratcity

October 6, 2004 - The past few week I've been scavaging the internet for information on pet rats, after a friend of mine suggested that I'd take a pet rat again. When I came across the website of Rattery Ratcity, at which I also found a lot of pratical ratty information, I read that their "C" nest was about to be born. The father of this nest is Rubke of Mirinja (born September 24, 2003), an agouti Berkshire dumbo with Belgian and American* roots, and the mother is Annabel of Ratcity (born April 6, 2004), a seal point Siamese from Ratcity's "A" nest. I've placed a reservation for two boys (hopefully one agouti standard coating, and the other one just different), so now all I can do is wait. And do some more reading, at the The Dapper Rat, for example.

Mind you, a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of rex coating, dumbo ears, rittens, or even ratteries. Yes! I really am going to be a rat-owner, again. :-)

Picture Picture

* I later learned that these so called "American" roots are more likely Dutch pet shop roots. :-\

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