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Crazy Chester

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Chester was a very curious and adventurous little fellow. When he spotted me, he always came running right at me, preferably climbing up my sleeve (inside or outside). He liked to go places while sitting on my shoulder. He also seemed very fond of doing things he shouldn't do, e.g. climbing on a window sill full of possibly poisonous plants, or finding his way inside my couch. Being adventurous sometimes almost turned into recklessness, and he has fallen off of things more than once. Chester could be a bit grumpy, especially when he'd missed his playtime the night before.

Chester lived in a cage in my livingroom, together with his brother Casey, their younger cousin Dylan and his best friend Mink, and later his new friends the brothers Pancho & Lefty.

Chester's profile

Full name: Chester of Ratcity
Nickname: Crazy Chester
Species: Brown rat (rattus norvegicus)
Date of birth: October 7, 2004
Date of death: January 10, 2008
Age: 3 years, 3 month, 3 days (≈ 97 human years)
Sex: Male ♂
Colour: Agouti
Markings: Self
Eyes: Black
Ears: Standard
Coat: Standard
Weight: ±630 grams

Tales about Chester

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