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Casey O'Casey

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Casey was a somewhat catious and shy little guy. He used to dislike being picked up most of the time, but later he was really easy-going. He liked to climb up my sleeve, especially on the inside, and he was a very cuddly rat, who enjoyed just being around me when I sat on the couch. And he could be quite stubborn; when he didn't want to leave his favourite cardboard spot, there was little you could do about it.

Casey lived in a cage in my livingroom, together with his brother Chester, their younger cousin Dylan and his best friend Mink, and later his new friends the brothers Pancho & Lefty.

Casey's profile

Full name: Casey of Ratcity
Nicknames: Casey O'Casey, Keesje
Species: Brown rat (rattus norvegicus)
Date of birth: October 7, 2004
Date of death: November 12, 2007
Age: 3 years, 1 month, 5 days (≈ 92 human years)
Sex: Male ♂
Colour: Seal point Siamese
Eyes: Red
Ears: Standard
Coat: Standard
Weight: ±600 grams

Tales about Casey

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