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Out time


April 24, 2005 - Today was a beautiful and sunny day, so while cleaning the cage I put Chester and Casey outside in the garden for a while. I had taken them both outside very briefly a couple of times before, but that was just with them sitting on my shoulder, so I wasn't quite sure if they would like it out on the tiles.

So I set up the wiring of the cage in the garden, and put two bricks on it just to make sure the two rascals couldn't lift it up or anything, and then added the rats. They both went sniffing around like madmen (or madrats?) right away. When I brought them both a yogurt drop, they retreated into their "garden house" to quietly enjoy it. Yes, they seemed to appreciate their out time very much, indeed.

After about half an hour or so, I decided it was enough (constantly looking out for any cats that might want to take a closer look at my boys can be very tiring), and I let the boys inside on the kitchen floor again. They were very willing to come with me and return to familiar terrain, but at the same time they did seem just a tiny bit disappointed. Oh well, perhaps next week again, if the weather is good.

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