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Happy birthday


October 7, 2005 - Today Chester & Casey, their brothers Cappy, Chapatti & Chai, and their sisters Cassie, Cato, Miep, Carli, Coco, Chanel, Amor & Pucca celebrated their very 1st birthday! :-D

My mother, my stepfather, my sister, and my brother-in-law all came by tonight to celebrate. While we enjoyed our tea or coffee with cake, this one occasion my two birthday rats also got a little piece of cake. And of course my other two boys. Mink & Dylan, also got their share. My mother brought Chester & Casey some berries as a present, which I will probably give them later this weekend, and both my father and my sister's cat sent Chester & Casey an e-card. My sister took a couple of pictures of me and my birthday boys.

Come the end of the month it will be my own 30th birthday, so then I will be exactly the same age as Chester & Casey are now (when you convert rat "years" to human years).

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