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Dylan of Orange


December 8, 2005 - Tonight I've been shopping for the rats again. I badly needed bedding, food and yogurt drops, but somehow I always end up buying all kinds of other (tasty) stuff I don't really need. I always do my ratty shopping at Casper, a local petshop* that is specialized in ratty stuff (among other things), so that doesn't really help either.

Here's what I brought home with me this time:

I gave them the orange Tasty Ball right away, and they immediately loved it! Dylan is especially fond of this very hard, orange ball, made of nylon and with carrot taste. At first they found it hard to get a grip on the smooth surface of the ball, but later on Dylan managed to carry the ball all the way up to the top of the cage.

Picture Picture

* Casper doesn't actually sell pets, just pet food, cages, accessories etc.

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