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The Samcity mix


February 12, 2006 - I've always fed my boys Reggie Rat combined with Hope Farms lab blocks, with which I was more or less happy. But starting today I'm giving them a rat food mix made by the breeder/shelter where my rats are from. Mink and Dylan even grew up with this food, although they probably won't remember it. Thusfar all four are clearly very enthousiastic about this Samcity food mix, because they immediately started eating it like madmen. It's such great fun watching them seek out new but also familiar tasty bits. The food itself looks delicious; I would almost grab a bite myself.

Because of the new food, my boys will probably gain some weight, and they may even actually grow a little bigger (in a healthy way). I've weighed them again this afternoon, so I can monitor their progress. I think the Samcity mix is gonna be a hit! :-D

Casey enjoying the new Samcity rat mixAudio

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