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February 18, 2006 - Because my rats are allowed to freely hop on and off the couch whenever I'm home, there's always the question "Won't they jump off?". Fortunately they don't, probably because they can't sense (see/feel) the floor below, so they don't know how far down it is, how to get back on, etc.

All of them have fallen off of the couch a couple of times, but Dylan seems to be making a habit of it. A week ago he was lost, and after looking all over the couch and inside the cage a number of times, I found him beneath the cage, so he must've fallen off. Today while cleaning the cage he and Mink were playing a little too rough apparently, because Dylan fell off again. I could quickly catch him in my shirt, but I do hope it won't happen too often, and certainly not on purpose. Else I guess I'll just have to find me another, higher (more Dylan-proof) couch.

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