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Vito the adoption rat

November 8, 2006 - My little boy Mink originally came from a ratty shelter, and he was lucky enough to find a new home with me. However, not all shelter rats are so lucky. Some simply can't be rehomed, because of their anti-social behaviour, or their bad health. One such a rat is Vito, a buck of about 1½ years old. He has chronic respiratory problems, and therefore he will spend his days in one of the Ratjetoe shelters.

One of the things you can do to (financially) support these shelters, is to adopt one of the rats. So tonight I've adopted Vito, so in a way he's the latest addition to my rat family. :-) Vito shares a cage with his friends Tommie, Urban & Whoody, all of which have also been adopted.

For more about adopting rats, or to adopt a rat of your own, please visit the website of Rattenopvang Zaanstad.

My adoption rat Vito

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