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Outside the walls

July 6, 2008 - Because of the nice weather (23°C/73°F) this afternoon I took Pancho & Lefty out into the garden for a bit. Because I didn't dare to take out both at the same time, they had to take turns. Pancho was first, but unfortunately I have no pictures of him outside. However, I do have pictures of Lefty in the corner of the garden which I reckoned to be more or less rat-safe. Both boys seemed to enjoy all the new smells and impressions, and they even got to dig some dirt. Yay! :-D

They seemed unwilling to go back inside, but once inside they were all to happy to return to their very own couch again. They ended their "trip" with a bit of muesli, so I'm sure they will want to go outside the walls again some time.

Lefty outside the walls of my house

Picture Picture Picture

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