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Table time

July 26, 2008 - When I clean the cage in the weekend, I usually leave Pancho & Lefty out on the couch. But, because Lefty has been sick :-( again, today I wanted to keep an eye on them while cleaning the cage. So this time around I set up the small table as a sorta temporary ratty playground. They had the transport basket to sleep in, there was water to drink and noodles to eat, and there was the tent (with embedded sofa) to hide in. It clearly wasn't as much fun as the couch, but it was alright I guess. They didn't feel like doing much anyway, because it was 26.5°C/80°F in my livingroom this afternoon.

When the cage was ready again, they were happy enough to return to their home. All in all this wasn't a bad idea, but nevertheless next weekend I hope I can leave them out on the couch again.

Lefty checking out the tent (with embedded sofa)

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