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November 2, 2008 - This afternoon it seems Pancho & Lefty have finally accepted the new boys. Pancho joined Uisce & Ulixes who were lying in a hammock without any resistance (which of course would've been futile anyway), and when I laid Lefty with them there was still no protest from any of them. So I decided they were now ready for the next natural step in their four-way relation: To share a boiled egg together. :-p

Pancho & Lefty were the first to come eat the egg, because as soon as they smelled the egg they knew there would be a feast. Uisce joined them quickly after, and Ulixes a little later. After a while three of my four eggheads had had enough, so Lefty finished off alone (as usual). In other words: They've passed the test, and now they're ready for yet the next step, although I don't know what exactly that would be. Now that the four of them sleep and eat together, there's probably nothing they would not do together. Come to think of it, there's probably nothing else the lazy bunch would do anyway...

Ulixes joining Pancho & Lefty

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