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November 30, 2009 - Rats are known to gnaw everything you give them to pieces in no time at all. While this is true most of the time, my boys sometimes can be very considerate when I buy them new stuff. Take the first hammock I bought them, it lasted well over a year (!). However, you never can tell when they'll suddenly decide it's time to shred something.

Yesterday I decided to hang the little house of straw (a "Strawy") in the cage again. I've originally introduced this Strawy to Chester & Casey on July 2, 2005, and I've put in the cage every once in a while ever since. Most of the time the rats would sometimes sit inside the house, but otherwise leave it alone. But today I found Uisce on top of the house, slowly but enthusiastically gnawing it to pieces. Oh well, as long as he enjoys himself. I know I'm sure enjoying myself watching him.

Uisce recycling the Strawy

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