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A ratcage named Jenny


October 16, 2004 - Today I've acquired a brand new rat cage at Casper (a petshop in Noord-Scharwoude, The Netherlands) for my two ratty friends-to-be. It's a Tube Line "Jenny" from Ferplast, which is 80 cm in width, 79.5 cm in height and has a depth of 50 cm. Turned 90° (so that the depth becomes the width and vice versa) it fits the now partly former bookcase in my living room in such a way, that the rats will be able to climb out of the cage and right unto my couch, where I usually sit when watching TV. The cage came with a number of accessories: one ramp, two corner shelves, two tubes, a water bottle, and two stainless steel feeding bowls. I've also bought a hammock, but it will probably not last very long (two week tops?).

It took me some time to set up the cage, partly because I've placed it on top of two empty Grolsch beer crates; the crates weren't empty yet, you see... ;-) The cage has quickly become an integrated part of my living room. The only thing still missing is the rats, of course.

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