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Visiting hours


October 24, 2004 - Today us rat-owners-to-be had the opportunity to meet our future friends face-to-face, so me and my father went up to Rattery Ratcity, where we received a warm welcome from Denise and Daniëlle. The rittens were all so very, very, very cute! Not only my future rats and their siblings, but also the ones from the "B" nest, that were born about one week and a half earlier. Oh, and of course mother Annabel, gran Droopy, and the other adult rats were just as adorable.

Four days ago I had finally decided on the names for my rats: Chester and Casey. Crazy Chester is a character from The Weight, a song by The Band. Sean O'Casey's was the name of my favourite pub when visiting Dublin, Ireland this summer.

The rittens had opened their eyes only two days before I got to see them, but already they were sort of staggering about, as infants do. Chester spent most of the time inside the sleeve of my shirt, and Casey and his slightly lighter beige brother seemed very much at home in the palm of my father's hand. But how these hours would go a-flying; how too soon we had to leave our rittens again. Well, it's only a couple more weeks before I can return to collect them.

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