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Big box


March 6, 2005 - In an attempt to extend the playground for my two boys, today I've recycled the huge cardboard box their cage came in. I've put another large piece of cardboard in it, covered with cloth from an old pair of jeans for better grip, which acts as a ladder. I've cut a hole in one of the sides, to allow the rats to climb from the couch into the box at will. I've put another, much smaller cardboard box on the bottom inside of the large box, and also some other play things, among them an old cushen.

I gave them this cushen to play with before, but they never really did much with it... Until now. After just a few minutes the bottom of the box was entirely covered with the insides of the cushen, with both Chester and Casey furiously scavaging through it, seemingly searching for invisible bits of treasure. Fortunately they didn't do this with the cushen when I put it on the kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago.

Because whatever mess they make conveniently stays inside the large box, I can easily put it all away at the end of the day. They can again play inside the box next weekend or so.

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