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Lazin' on a sunny afternoon

"Now I'm sittin' here
Sippin' at my ice cold beer
Lazin' on a sunny afternoon
- The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon


June 23, 2005 - Early this evening I spent some time sitting in the garden, in the evening sun, together with Chester and Casey. I put both rats in an old "spare" cage, and set up a chair to sit down and have a drink with them. I had already tried this before, a couple of days ago, but then they wouldn't have it. I guess being in an unfamiliar cage, outside in the real world was a little too much at once for them. That's why they've been practising in the spare cage, and they more or less love the cage now.

While sitting in the garden I took both rats out of the cage a couple of times, to let them sit on my lap for a moment. But after having been outside for a about twenty minutes, both Chester and Casey decided it was time to go back inside, to their beloved couch. But I think they did enjoy their short stay in resort The Garden. ;-) Perhaps next time they will stay a little longer.

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