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July 24, 2005 - Today I got a chance to meet Mink & Dylan face-to-face for the very first time. I almost couldn't make it, but I'm very glad I did (as you can imagine). I went up to Rattery Ratcity together with friends (fellow rat people, naturally), and almost before I could say hi I had Cappy on my shoulder. Cappy used to be Chester & Casey's little brother, but by now it seems he's the larger one.

After all us owners-to-be got drinks and cake, I first met Mink, and after a small search Dylan was also found. Both sat in my lap, in my hands and on my shoulder for the rest of the afternoon. They were so very, very cute, as were all the rittens. Mink was quite curious and was moving about a bit, but of course he is ten days older than Dylan. Daniëlle of Ratcity told me something funny about Mink: She'd already nicknamed him Mink before I named him Mink. :-)

Mink's mother Dipsy also found a new home this afternoon. Petra & Jan, the very friends who were so kind to offer me a ride, decided to adopt her. They took her home with them, and I've just heard that she was accepted into their pack without any problems. I'm so glad she's also found a permanent home.

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