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And the winner is...


January 9, 2006 - Last month I participated in the monthly contest on the Dutch Ratten.nl forum. The grand price was a brand new aviary, which was generously donated for this purpose by Casper, my local petshop*. I didn't win the grand price, but I was in for a surprise nevertheless: I did win one of the two "lesser" prices, a ratty surprise package! :-D

The surprise package arrived in the mail today, and contained lots of ratty snacks. I showed the package to Mink and Casey and they tried to keep it just between the two of them, but I didn't think that was fair towards Chester and Dylan (who has a cold again, BTW). Anyway, to celebrate I gave all four an animal-shaped vanilla snack, which they greatly enjoyed. And I enjoyed watching them enjoy it.

Picture Picture Picture Picture

* Casper doesn't actually sell pets, just pet food, cages, accessories etc.

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