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Bloody rats


January 11, 2006 - Yesterday morning I've been to the vet with Dylan again. And as if this wasn't enough for the poor little bugger, he was also bitten yesterday evening. :-( So he had to spend the night alone in the spare cage, recovering, still breathing heavily, and almost certainly feeling pretty bad.

Dylan started to show symptoms (heavy breathing and "hiccupping" sounds) of a cold last week, so I put some bromhexine in the water, hoping he'd get better within a couple of days. However, it seemed to only get worse, so I decided to make an appointment with the vet. Dylan has also been to the vet last November, with more or less the same symptoms, although it seemed worse this time. Just like before the vet fortunately didn't hear anything in his lungs, and again she suggested antibiotics (Doxoral Aqua Drops), the same as last time. (And the same as Chester got when he had a cold in January 2005.)

I gave Dylan his first "shot" of antibiotics (in a small piece of bread) last evening, and he immediately seemed to feel slightly better. But then it started. First Casey started to pick on Dylan, but since both of them played by the rules no harm was done. But then Chester and Dylan suddenly rolled all over the couch and into the cage, screaming and hissing. When they were done I put my hand into the cage to see if they were alright, but when I retreated my hand there's was blood all over my fingers! At first I thought it was Chester's blood, but I soon found it was poor Dylan's. Fortunately he stopped bleeding after a few minutes, so I thought I was out of trouble. But Chester kept hissing at Dylan and showing other signs of real aggression. So I decided to set up the spare cage and to put Dylan in there, together with Mink so he wouldn't be alone.

Tonight I let all of them out of their cages together again, and they're still not entirely friendly, but there's no real agression anymore. And Dylan is really doing better; his breathing has already returned to normal. Of course he'll have to take antibiotics for another nine days, but this won't be a problem because Dylan simply loves Doxoral with bread. I now wonder what he would do, just to get his twice-daily doses... Fake a cold? Act out a fight? Bleed real blood? Naw, Dylan is too much of an actor to bleed real blood. :-p

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January 12, 2006 - I think Chester was also harmed in his fight with Dylan, because he seems to have a scar just below his left eye. If the scar remains, he'll earn extra nicknames like Scarface or Al Capone. *LOL*

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