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Easter rising


March 25, 2007 - Most of the time when I take pictures of my rats, I simply record their everyday doings in their "natural" habitat (in their cage, or on the couch). But every once in a while I like to do a more organized photo shoot, with attributes to fit a certain (seasonal) theme. This not only results in (hopefully) nice pictures, but there's also something in it for the rats: treats! :-D So in general they enjoy such photo shoots just as much as I do.

Today I've shot a couple of Easter pictures, for which I came up with two settings. The first one was to picture my boys next to a basket with eggs, and sort of let them play Easter Bunny. (Casey already had some virtual experience with this from last year.) The second setting included two bowls, one filled with chocolate Easter eggs (for me), and a second one filled with ratty treats (for them). After the shoot was over, the rats got one treat each, while I got all of the chocolate eggs. Of course they thought this was totally unfair and unacceptable, and I think I might've heard them whisper something about an Easter Rising...

Pancho evidently prefers ratty treats over chocolate eggs

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

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