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Tagged & dirty

"Lord, I'm broke, I'm hungry, ragged and dirty too
Broke and hungry, ragged and dirty too
If I clean up, sweet momma, can I stay all night with you?
- Bob Dylan, Ragged & Dirty

May 28, 2007 - Pancho has been tagged by Liesje from the Webratjes, which scared the hell out of him when I told him. Just like his penpal Joris he apparently thought this involved some medieval procedure in which a tag would physically be attached to one of his ears (or worse). But once I explained to him that this was just a silly game, in which "we" at this website never would take part, he insisted on playing.

May 22: Pancho enjoying a bit of apple

And so here it is, for Pancho and all other taggers out there, 7 random / most important facts about Pancho:

  1. Pancho was indirectly named after the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, because he wears a permanent bandit's mask on his face.
  2. Pancho is relatively the heaviest rat of my pack. At the age little more than 6 months he is already past 610 grams. That's even slightly heavier than his cage mate Dylan was when he was 6 months.
  3. Pancho's nickname is "Pannetje", which is Dutch for "little pan".
  4. Pancho was born a rattery rat, but nevertheless has no pedigree. Dylan often pesters both Pancho and his brother Lefty with this.
  5. Pancho escapes from his cage every morning by jumping from the upper door down unto the couch about 30 cm below.
  6. Pancho is a fast eater with a big appetite. When he has finished his treat he will gladly steal the treat from one of his cage mates.
  7. Pancho can scream like a girl when he only thinks he's under attack.

I won't tag anyone else, everybody I know was probably already tagged anyway.

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