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Another side of Dylan

August 22, 2007 - Last week I discovered another lump on Dylan, this time on his other side. Today the lump will be removed by the vet, but (unfortunately) for me today is also the first day of a short trip to Berlin, Germany. So my sister and my mother will be taking care of Dylan and the others. They will keep me updated during my stay in Berlin, so I will post their updates here.

8:15 AM - My sister and me have just brought Dylan to the vet's, and then my sister brought me to the train station. I think this is gonna be a long, long trip (8½ hours actually).

3:29 PM - While I was still in the train to Berlin I got a call from my sister that Dylan was alright. The lump was removed, and he was warm and awake, and ready to be picked up.

8:02 PM - "Hereby some pictures. Some are very nice, others averagish. Of Dylan you can very clearly see his operation wound. Are you already enjoying die Berliner Luft? Have great fun and lots of ratty greetings".

8:15 PM - "Hi Tale, your rats are all OK. You should check your mail for pictures."

Picture Picture Picture Picture

August 23

8:42 AM - "Hi, all was well with Dylan. Ate and drank everything. I think Lefty also is OK, 'cause saw nothing anymore."

8:48 PM - "Hi Theo, as you can see Dylan is doing very well. He is (too?) lively, eats everything, shits well. But alas, still he will stay in his hospital'room'. And the others are also alright. So... do enjoy Berlin without worries!"

Picture Picture

August 24

10:11 AM - I called my sister to congratulate her with her birthday. She told me everything is going very well with the boys.

8:39 PM - "As you can see Dylan, Pancho and Lefty are doing great. Casey and Chester too, but I couldn't take their pictures so well."

Picture Picture Picture Picture

August 25

11:58 AM - My sister called me while I was visiting the Berlin Zoo. All was well with the rats, nothing much to report.

August 26

10:36 AM "Today it was my turn in the morning (just like yesterday, but I didn't take any pictures then). Dylan is still virtually the same looking good. He will be very happy when he can rejoin the others! Chester his eye was also looking fine this morning. I did put another drop in it, but perhaps it isn't necessary anymore already. Il Panchito is taking his 'mis'treatment easier each time (or am I getting better at 'mis'treating him?), and eats his nasty vitamines with a bit of vanilla... and porridge. Casey still is Chester's true companion. So sweet. And Lefty is... as usual, happy and naughty. And - last but not least - I'm glad that I can walk a bit better again today. - Chester and I have found comfort with one another, yesterday. - A long story for a Sunday morning. For now I hope the weather is warmer for you than for us here, and that you will get to do something fun today. For tomorrow: SAFE TRAIN JOURNEY HOME!!!"

Picture Picture

8:47 PM - "All is well with the ratty children. Dylan misses you and the others. Have kuddled them extra long today! Regards".

August 27

8:30 AM - "Will miss you, sweeties! Huggs, Y!"

9:00 PM - I've just returned home, and they are all still here! :-D Well, I'm off to bed now, but not before giving them all huggs (and Dylan and Pancho antibiotics).

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